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Landscaping: “Let us help you create your outdoor oasis today”


Create your outdoor oasis with us today! Landscaping not only adds beauty and comfort to your yard but builds and enhances value to your property.


Meet with one of our skilled designers to discuss plans on how to create the yard you have always wanted. At Prograde we create unique, modern and eye catching designs that your neighbours will be peaking over the fence to look at. With our leading 3D design take the guess out of landscaping and let us show you beforehand the vision of what your yard has potential to be.


Retaining Walls: There are a number of benefits to having a retaining wall, ranging from reducing soil erosion to increasing your property value.  Using retaining walls to create terraced areas that are suitable for planting. This option is especially effective if your landscaping sits on a slope, which would normally make it difficult to fully utilize your space.  With one or more retaining walls, you can segment off different sections of your property, which can be an effective visual tool if you have plenty of space. There are times where you need a clear boundary between your property and that of your neighbours, and sometimes, a simple fence is not enough. Maybe they are encroaching in your yard, or maybe you have people climbing your fence to pass through. Either way, a retaining wall can be a solid and clear property boundary to discourage people from taking advantage of your property.

Paving stones: If you’re looking to refresh your driveway or your patio, perhaps it’s time to look at paving stones. These interlocking pieces will transform any living space into a lively, fun area. Whether parking your car on it or relaxing with a drink in the sun.

Paving stones will bring a certain beauty and elegance to your property. The design opportunities possible with them are limitless. There is a large range of shapes, patterns, colours and sizes of pavers available on the market today. Whatever outdoor applications you may have, there is a paving stone suitable for it. Whether you choose sandstone, limestone, concrete or granite, each paving stone has its own distinct features and qualities.

Water features: Water features provide soothing sights and sounds that help promote relaxation and de-stress. Through relaxation you can lower your blood pressure and improve physical and mental health as you prop your feet up and enjoy the therapeutic effects of Mother Nature. Landscaping water features naturally attract birds, squirrels, rabbits and other fauna. Like us, all animals require fresh, clean water to thrive. Landscaping water features add visual interest and charm to your home.


Grading: Also known as sculpting or levelling the land is essential to prepare the terrain of the site to suit specific elements such as making a driveway, patio, walking path, or your main grassy areas. In addition, slopes created through grading help ensure water flow is away from the house which is important to protect your foundation from leaks or other major damage. Poor grading can also result in pooled water in certain parts of the yard which can cause plants and grass to become waterlogged. This water logging can damage the landscaping in the long run. We ensure that the final grading and sodding of your yard is perfect.


Decks: Whether you choose a natural wood or composite finish, your deck can add an aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your home. Decks come in a variety of colours and finishes. When you coordinate your deck with your home’s design, you can create an exterior design that looks both natural and appealing.  Installing a deck can increase the value of your home and provide an area for your family to enjoy together.


Fences: There are various types of fences in the market including wood, vinyl, chain-link, farm, and aluminum ones.  Some fencing types add a decorative appeal to your property and will add an instant appeal to your house, thus increasing the value of your home.  Security and privacy are other reasons why people invest in fences. Fence off your home to ensure the safety of your children or pets. 


Sodding: A sod lawn produces an "instant lawn". The most popular benefit to sodding is the fact that there is no lingering wait to be able to enjoy a gorgeous green yard.  When you sod, you are getting a huge head-start to be able to use your lawn for regular activities like playing or entertaining.  A seed or sprigged yard takes a significant amount of time to grow in (typically 18 months), leaving your yard looking bare and unattractive.  Sodding is usually ready for heavy activity after two weeks, allowing it to be a fast lawn- planting option that adds immediate beauty to your home's outdoor space. Sod controls dust, mud, and erosion. 

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