AVERAGE size lot <2,500 sqF

*Larger lots will be assessed individually

*All lawn cuts will be mulched for the health of lawns

$250 + GST


  • Lawn cut and trim four times a month

  • Weeding (15 min/time)

$200 + GST


  • Lawn cut and trim four times a month


$130 + GST

  • Lawn cut and trim twice a month

  • Weeding (15 min/time)


$110 + GST

  • Lawn cut and trim twice a month

Lawn care:  “The grass is always greener on our side”

Lawn care is one of our specialties at Prograde. We originally started off as a lawn care and maintenance company branching out to many other skilled divisions today. Our staff are professionally trained and will keep your lawn looking clean cut.

Weeding:  “Weeds getting out of hand?”

Summer is about enjoying your time outside, and we understand how valuable your time in the sun can be up north with long winter months. Don’t spend it picking weeds...leave it to our professionals that can offer weekly, bi-weekly or call upon request weed removal.


Inquire today about some of our leading weed treatments that remove weeds not only festering in your garden beds but in your lawn as well.

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